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Can things get any better than this? Uh, maybe, but that's so not the point. Because you should totally revel in this miraculous occurrence. After all, it's not every day that you learn that your lover loves you right back. What a tongue twister! Love finds you when you are not looking for it , Leo.

Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of July 15-21, 12222

And that's the theme of your love life this week. So focus on your passion projects and your career for the moment. Because the right person will see your drive and passion and fall head over heels for you because of it. You are finally walking away from a toxic relationship or situation in your love life, Virgo.

And calmer waters lie ahead of you. Does that mean walking away was easy?

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Of course not! But it was for the best and you know it.

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Libra, good news! Love is here and it wants to stay. So open the doors of your heart and don't let it walk away. Because you know you are their soulmate and they know it too.

Cancer Weekly Tarot Scope Reading June 15 to 21 2015

And now's the time to offer each other a solid commitment. This week's awesome energy will have you doing much more than that.

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The cards were flipping all over the place, Scorpio, when it was time to pull one out for you. And that tells us you will find this week an extremely grueling one.

Possibly with a side order of anxiety and sleeplessness. But here's the thing. These circumstances are divinely guided. So even if they feel bothersome, have faith and do the right thing by you. You may not have the ability to change destiny, but you have control over how you perceive it and what lessons you derive from it for your life. Sagittarius, this week you will feel as stuck as a penny in a hole. Possibly over an important choice that you have to make in your love life. Who to choose? The independent person? Or the one who looks independent but needs external support to feel good about themselves?

Well, when that happens, don't make any rash decisions.

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Mull things through and take one more week to decide if you must. After all, we always make the best decisions once we let the intense emotions subside. Whether it's anxiety, lustfulness, or even ecstatic happiness. Here's the thing, Capricorn. When life sends you messengers and circumstances to inspire a positive change, you cannot escape it even if you dig in your heels. Sooner or later, the change will come for you and you will be forced to embrace it.

Well, this week seems to be one such week. So do yourself a favor and just go with the flow this once.

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